Remote+ Pro (Lite) for iOS

Software Configuration

To install the app on SmartPhones  (iOS)

Remote+ Pro (Paid)

no limitations



* Remote+ Lite (Free)

30% of media files in PC can be selected and played. Keyboard, Touch Pad, Player Settings and Configurations in its control tab are available.

(Features provided only in Remote+ Pro : Remote, Navigation, Program Start, Task Switcher, Task Terminator, Shut Down).

The program that installs on your PC (Windows)

* Remote+ Server

An application transferring various media information with Remote+ Lite in SmartPhone

* A media center HD Frame having user-friendly interface for watching various media contents such as music, videos, pictures, YouTube, and news.


The Remote+ Pro(Lite) App can be installed in SmartPhone through the Apple App Store, and the Remote+ Server is required to be installed in PC.

The latest version will be provided using automatic update after installation. 

1. Remote+ Lite Installation (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)

Run ‘App Store’ in iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

② Search ‘Remote+ Lite’

③ Download and Install

* Download (Apple App Store)


2. Remote+ Server Installation (PC)

① Download Remote+ Server in SoundGraph Home page( Integrated Remote + Server to download and unzip.

* Download (SoundGraph)


② Start installation using ‘Setup.exe’.

③ Choose your preferred language (English in this example) and click ‘OK’ button. 

④ Choose installation folder. Default folder is recommended except any special cases

※ During the Remote+ Server installation, ‘Microsoft Sync Framework’, required for synchronizing files and data, may need to be installed depending on user’s PC system. Please install the additional feature when its setup screen is shown.

※ Check Firewall on Windows PC 
Remote+ Lite may not be connected to a PC depending on its Windows Firewall configuration. In this case, select ‘Allow Access’ or ‘Unblock’ after following messages after installation. 


The installed Remote+ Server support automatic update, which eliminates user’s effort to download the latest version via SoundGraph homepage. Update will be notified on the Taskbar whenever upgrade version is released or new features are added. Users can keep the most recent version just by clicking mouse.

The automatic update provides three options shown below.

Choose one of the 3 options as your preference. ‘Update notice only’ (default) shows only update notification on the Taskbar and ‘Automatically Update’ always keeps the most recent version automatically.