iMON Pad remote control

Transform to the Real HTPC, iMON Pad Remote Control

In order to use PC as a perfect HTPC, iMON Pad remote control can control PC in a long distance. It can control the mouse pointer as well by Mouse/Keyboard button.

IR Maximum Reception Distance 15 meter

iMON Pad remote control uses the 2 AAA batteries and can receive the signal up to 15 meters in maximum. 

iMON Pad Remote Control, Feature of Buttons

1. Application Exit: Closing foreground application or iMEDIAN HD [ALT]+[F4]

2. Power: Turn on/off the system (Turn on feature is only available on the internal receiver)

3. Record Button

4. Media Control Button Group 1: Play/Pause/Stop/Open/Prev/Next/Rew/F.Fwd

5. Mouse/Keyboard Button: Switching the usage of Pad control between mouse and keyboard 4 way keys

6. Backspace Button to the previous view of iMEDIAN HD

7. Select/Space Button

8. Pad Control: Mouse cursor control & 4 way arrow keys

9. Windows Start Button

10. Windows Menu Button

11. Mouse Left Click Button

12. Mouse Right Click Button

13. Enter Button: Enter Button to go to the next view of iMEDIAN HD

14. ESC Button

15. Open/Close CD/DVD ROM tray

16. Quick Launch Button: Launch Quick Launch Application, iMEDIAN HD

17. Application Launcher: Running Application Launcher, Easiest way to run application

18. Task Switcher: Running Task Switcher, select the application window among the running applications [ALT]+[TAB]

19. System Volume Mute Button

20. iMON Timer: Running iMON Timer, management of power on/off and alarm schedule

21. VOL/CH Button: Control of Volume and TV channel

22. Custom button group for user customized command

23. Media Control Button Group 2

Oct 23, 2009
SoundGraph, Inc.