Make your special HTPC using HTPC ODM/OEM FingerVU 700M

HTPC ODM/OEM FingerVU 700M is 7.0" touch screen monitor for HTPC and this touch screen can be worked independently with the main task running on TV. SoundGraph Inc. has developed the this independent touch interface and is launching the HTPC ODM/OEM FingerVU 700M as same specification of old discontinued iMON ODM/OEM Touch LCD model. So user who has the old iMON ODM/OEM Touch LCD model easily upgrades his old model with this new model.

SoundGraph provides the FingerUI which is the exclusive user interface for FingerVU. Using FingerUI, users can play Media as like music, video, photo, YouTube and can use various widgets as like world weather, world time, memo and internet browser etc. Also, FingerVU shows the media information playing at TV by iMEDIAN HD or Media Center through the Media View module.

FingerUI touch control is not just pressing the buttons on the screen. You can touch and drag to scroll the list, jump to Next/Previous page and drag Touch Wheel in clockwise or counter clockwise to adjust volume.


<Media Module>

<Widget Module>

FingerVU 700M has 7” touch screen and this resistive type touch screen detects the pressure on the it, so we suggest users to touch it with hard tip as like finger tip or pen.

SoundGraph prepare the two types of HTPC ODM/OEM FingerVU 700M chassis for HTPC front panel mounting. HTPC case manufacturers can select between Flat and Step Type according to their HTPC front panel design.


ODM/OEM Customization

Using the knob, button and LED positioning, we can make the image for front cover.

SoundGraph have many experiences of making various ODM/OEM models with many PC makers and PC case manufacturers. SoundGraph can make the custom type product with fully understanding of the ODM/OEM customer’s requirements.

Also SoundGraph is ready to propose the new prototypes with creative ideas.

If you need a PC case and system with a totally new idea, please consult with SoundGraph.

New Concept of Touch Monitor

FingerVU 700M is the new HTPC ODM/OEM product and it can be easily connected to system by USB cable unlike the old iMON ODM/OEM Touch LCD model which was connected by VGA cable.

DisplayLink USB graphic chipset is used for the secondary monitor.

DisplayLink company website

Knob Button for Volume Control and Navigation

HTPC ODM/OEM FingerVU 700M model can select two knobs as maximum. In this case, one knob can be used to control volume and the other knob can be used for navigation.

By the rotation of right side volume knob, you can control the volume easily. Press knob button to mute and press again to unmute. We design the volume level, smoothly increased and decreased, while it is being mute and unmute.

By the rotation of left navigation knob, you can easily explore the media files. If you rotate it clockwise, it will goes down on the list. If you rotate it counter-clockwise, it will move up on the list. If you click the knob button shortly, the list will be selected and if you click it long, it will be back to the previous depth. Using navigation knob only, you can control the iMEDIAN HD and other media players perfectly.

Buttons for Media Play Control

HTPC ODM/OEM FingerVU 700M can have the buttons for media control up to 22 buttons. The buttons for media control are as like below.

1. Play
2. Pause
3. Play/Pause
4. Previous Media
5. Next Media
6. Fast Forward
7. Rewind
8. Stop
9. Increase Volume
10. Decrease Volume
11. Mute
12. Up Arrow
13. Down Arrow
14. Right Arrow
15. Left Arrow
16. Enter
17. Quick Launch
18. App. Exit
19. Back
20. Window Key
21. Menu
22. Custom Key

Normally the following button layout is used to control media files in HTPC

The Selectable Remote Control Option

You can select the remote control of HTPC ODM/OEM Inside model between the iMON Pad remote control which has various features and iMON Mini remote control which has essential features.


Transform to the Real HTPC, iMON Pad Remote Control

In order to use PC as a perfect HTPC, iMON Pad remote control can control PC in a long distance. It can control the mouse pointer as well by Mouse/Keyboard button.


Less is More! iMON Mini Remote Control

iMON Mini remote control is convenient with only most essential buttons for media control. It can be used simply with the iMEDIAN HD which can be controlled by 4 way buttons only.


The Essential Accessory for Remote Control Power on, 24/3 Pin Standby Power Extension Cable. 

The 24/3 Pin Standby Power Extension Cable included in iMON UltraBay is the essential accessory for power on by remote control. If you use this power extension cable, you can supply the standby power to the iMON receiver and it turns on PC by the remote control signal.

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FingerUI, the Exclusive Touch Interface for FingerVU

FingerUI allows every media files and Widgets can freely be added to the Main menu.

FingerUI is the exclusive Touch Interface for FingerVU includes Media Frame feature of Music, Movie, Photo, YouTube and Widget Frame feature of World Weather, World News, News, RSS, Memo, System Information and more. SoundGraph has updated many useful modules according to the user requirements as like Touch Internet Browser, Virtual Keyboard, APP+, File+ and Desktop module.


One Remote Control for All, iMON Manger is the Core!!!

iMON Manager which is included in iMON ODM/OEM LCD is the best solution among the applications developed for HTPC and multimedia PC.

You can control most of media applications by one remote control and shows media playback information, graphical EQ, News and Weather by various displays.

Also iMON Manager provides various settings for media playback by PC using Virtual Keyboard, Monitor Resolution Changer and Timer.


The Ultimate Media Center Solution, iMEDIAN HD

iMEDIAN HD which is included in iMON Mini is the most advanced media center solution for multimedia PC and HTPC.

You can enjoy ‘Music’, ‘Videos’ and ‘Pictures’ by remote control and easy user interface. The most important part to use multimedia PC and HTPC using remote control is the application. iMEDIAN HD has been updated continuously for last 5 years. The new interface of iMEDIAN HD can easily search and play media files stored in the PC.

It might be easy to buy one book and read it but it is not easy to setup a library with the books you read through your whole life. iMEDIAN HD will help you to, easily search and play the various audio, video and image files you have with unlimited media database.


Continuous Update through communication with users

SoundGraph trying to create values what user wants and to update the software continuous. Also SoundGraph open the FingerVU Touch API and this API will help individual and 3rd party developers to easily make FingerUI module using FingerVU direct independent touch interface. Every FingerUI module will be updated continuously. The new updated module will have a ‘New’ mark and user can easily recognize this new updated module.

SoundGraph expects that HTPC cases which have our HTPC ODM/OEM FingerVU 700M solution could have many B2B business chances.

July 01, 2010
SoundGraph Inc.