iMON SmartBay

Built-in desktop PC, iPhone / iPad Speaker Dock


  • PC accessories For iPhone / iPad
  • Luxury with high-glossy black color is processed
  • iPhone / iPad and design blend with your desktop PC
  • Structure, clean design that can open and close finish
  • iPhone / iPad battery charging capability (PC power ON / OFF all)
  • iPhone / iPad sound output (PC power ON / OFF all)
  • iMON Mini Remotel to control the iPhone / iPad's music selection and play controls
  • Remote + provides a dedicated app, the iPhone / iPad as a PC remote control PC integrated management of all media content available to the library
  • Smart Bay is one of the media center PC (Multimedia Center) changes in

Product Information

iPhone/iPad speaker dock embedded in desktop PC

iMON SmartBay is an iPhone/iPad speaker dock embedded in desktop PC.

Different from the other docking products generally as an external USB device, the iMON SmartBay is embedded inside a desktop PC as an internal device. You can enjoy music from iPhone/iPad through PC speakers, as well as charging and synchronizing iPhone/iPad.

The device is a 5.25 inch bay type so it can be easily installed into your desktop PC. Moreover, various useful features are provided using the connection between PC and iPhone/iPad.

Harmonious design with desktop PC

The 5.25 inch bay type, iMON SmartBay introduces an open cover which can easily be handled with a finger, so that the cover is kept closed for clean look when the iPhone/iPad is not on the dock.

The iMON Mini remote control can be operated within 10 meters far distance, no matter what the cover is open or closed.

The elegant, high-glossy black design shows great harmony with iPhone/iPad.

Smart charging

iMON SmartBay supports battery charging as a basic feature of speaker dock. The conventional way of charging will mess up your desk with the charging cable and iPhone/iPad. However, the simple docking of iPhone/iPad on the iMON SmartBay will keep your desk clean and 100% charged battery. Especially, iPhone/iPad can be charged even when PC is not turned on.

Smart sound output

One of the biggest advantages of the iMON SmartBay is that the PC speakers can be used for sound output from iPhone/iPad.

Conventional iPhone/iPad docking speakers are expensive compared to PC speakers. However, the iMON SmartBay provides low-cost and efficiency because the existing PC speakers are used as iPhone/iPad docking speakers. Moreover, space on your desk will be saved as well.

Like the smart charging feature, you can enjoy music from iPhone/iPad even when the desktop PC is turned off. While iPhone/iPad is connected the iMON SmartBay after shutting down the PC, music can be played through PC speakers with charging simultaneously.

Smart Control (Remote control of iPhone/iPad and desktop PC with iMON Mini Remote)

iMON SmartBay provides iMON Mini Remote by default.

iMON Mini Remote communicates with the iMON SmartBay, remote-controlling playback and volume of various media in iPhone/iPad. This remote control supports various media playback Apps, such as Melon and YouTube, as well as the provided music App in iPhone/iPad. The remote-control feature using the iMON Mini Remote also works even after the desktop PC is turned off.

Furthermore, the iMON Mini Remote can control the PC system and playback of multimedia as well as iPhone/iPad. Desktop PC can be turned on and off using the iMON Mini Remote so that it can be used as a media center. Besides, iPhone/iPad can play and control a media library stored in PC or YouTube video using an iOS App, Remote+ Lite described in the next section.

Supports Remote+ Lite (Smart phone controls PC)

iMON SmartBay also provides an iOS App, Remote+ Lite for remote control of PC. The Remote+ Lite is an App in the Apple App Store to be installed in iPhone/iPad, enabling the iPhone/iPad to remote-control a media library in desktop PC.

The Remote+ Lite is free with limitations on some features of Remote+ Pro, but full features will be provided once connected to a desktop PC having the iMON SmartBay.

A general desktop PC can be used as a media center using the Remote+ Lite providing management of media library for all the media contents in PC.

Where can be used?

Use TV in the living room as a smart TV

Convert your living room to theater or music room and enjoy with your family. Any media can be controlled with iPhone/iPad or the provided remote control without cumbersome keyboard and mouse. Music and picture slideshow can be played once iPhone/iPad is connected to iMON SmartBay without turning on TV and PC.

In addition, a YouTube video for kids can be shown to your child using iPhone/iPad and TV. Try it. It’s faster and easier than any smart TV you have seen.

Use desktop PC as iPhone/iPad speaker dock

iPhone/iPad speaker dock can be implemented using the iMON SmartBay and existing PC speakers, without purchasing an expensive iPhone/iPad speaker dock.

Moreover, you can enjoy music in iPhone/iPad with PC speakers while the iPhone/iPad is charging, even when desktop PC is turned off.

Especially, most of the iPhone/iPad speaker dock products cannot produce the real stereo sound due to its integrated design. However, the iMON SmartBay provides optimized environment to enjoy sound with PC speakers that are already set up in the room for 2 channels or more.

Use rarely used PC in store as a multimedia jukebox

Any rarely used PC in a store such as hair shop, restaurant, and café can be a multimedia jukebox once the iMON SmartBay is installed in it. Displaying a video on a screen or playing music in a store using the iMON SmartBay will enhance interior look and customer’s satisfaction.

Pictures can be shown to customers with iPhone/iPad in a picture studio, too.

Enjoy music when playing game

When playing a game with headphones in your home or in an internet café, you can enjoy music stored in your iPhone/iPad at the same time. Just connect iPhone/iPad on the iMON SmartBay and play music without switching screen to control a music player in PC while playing a game. iPhone/iPad charging and music play service with the iMON SmartBay may attract more customers in an internet café.

Use old iPod/iPhone/iPad as a music player

Any old iPod/iPhone/iPad can be used as a music player once connected to the iMON SmartBay. Online streaming music service Apps such as Melon and Google Music will convert your old iPod/iPhone/iPad to a music jukebox.

December 05, 2011
SoundGraph Inc.