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Default iMON/iMEDIAN HD Version History (Previous Version)

Release date: Mar. 17, 2011

[ iMON Manager ]
1. [New Feature] Apply iMON Display API
- "Display Plug-in Mode" option is added in "iMON Manager > Option > Plug-in Mode"
- 3rd party application controls VFD/LCD directly with Display Plug-in Mode
- The previous VFD API applied to some old VFD modes is not supported anymore.
2. [New Feature] "Scan Installed Programs" button is added to iMON Manager > Settings > Program Command
3. [New Feature] Add iMON setting file (imo file) for TMT5 and add to program scan
4. [New Feature] The remote supports TMT5 plug-in for Media Center
5. [Bug Fix] "Enter" of Front Button works as "Backspace" in OEM model that has Front Buttons on chassis
6. [Bug Fix] If update and re-install iMON, volume Knob doesn't work
7. [Bug Fix] It fails to get weather information and sometimes iMON crashes while checking weather information.
8. [Bug Fix] If you press Full Screen button while TMT3 playing video, it change to fullscreen mode and windowed mode repeatedly.
9. [Bug Fix] If mpc-hc 64 or PotPlayer64 is not installed in "Program Files" folder, iMON can't detect it through installed program scan.

1. [New Feature] Urls for Internet Radio station are updated
2. [Bug Fix] mediainfo dll update (Sometimes iMEDIAN HD crashes on some video file during making library)
3. [Bug Fix] Youtube video doesn't work

Release date: Jun. 22, 2010

[ iMON Manager ]
(01) [SG New Feature] Google news will be added to News feed for FrontView
- You can select Country(Language) and News Feed for Google News in "iMON Manager > Option > News"
(02) [SG New Feature] Resolution Changer will support multiple monitors
- You can add monitor mode with "Reset" or "Add" button in "iMON Manager > iMON Utilities > Resolution Changer"
(03) [New Feature] Support Media Information from XBMC and MPC-HC in FrontView
(04) [New Feature] Support Media Information from Media Information from KMPlayer, foobar2000, Quintessential Media Player and Media Monkey
- You can enable/disable this feature and select "Port" in "iMON Manager>iMON Utilities>FrontView>Media Information"
- You should check "Enable Webserver" and select "Port" in XBMC's Setting>Netwrok>Server
- You should check "Listen on port" and select "Port" in MPC-HC's Option > Player > Web Interface
(05) [New Feature] The functions of Volume Knob and Navigation Knob assign to other functions. (Push, Long Push, Rotate Left/Right)
(06) [New Feature] Register multiple timer schedules to Timer's Alarm, Turn On and Turn Off
(07) [New Feature] Add new setting which turns off FrontView during some other application are running (VFD, LCD)
- This option is added in "iMON Manager>iMON Utilities>FrontView>Auto Mode"
(08) [New Feature] Add option to emulate mouse wheel action with PAD button.
- You can select this property in "iMON Manager > Settings > Remote Controller"
(09) [New Feature] Enable to change the frequency of monitor with Resolution Changer
(10) [New Feature] The option to select desktop background as FrontView background (Touch LCD)
(11) [New Feature] The option for adjusting alpha value When darken while playing video file (Touch LCD)
(12) [New Feature] More options on Touch LCD FrontView (Option for adjusting text font, bold, italic and transparency)
(13) [New Feature] Add iMON setting file (imo file) for TokPlayer, Media Monkey, Quintessential Media Player and Jriver Media Center and add to program scan
(14) [New Feature] Add iMON setting file (imo file) for PowerDVD10 and add to program scan
(15) [New Feature] Add iMON setting file (imo file) for PotPlayer 64bit version and add to program scan (PotPlayer64, PotPlayerMini64)
(16) [New Feature] Enable or Disable "All System Sounds" option with the remote
- You can assign "All System Sounds" function with the remote button in "iMON Manager>Settings>Window Command"
(17) [New Feature] When selected program is launched, Keyboard/Mouse mode of PAD button changes to keyboard mode
- This option is added in "iMON Manager>Settings>Remote Controller"
(18) [New Feature] Add option for display EQ according to media type (Music, Video and TV)
- This option is added in "iMON Manager>iMON Utilities>FrontView>Graphic Equalizer"
(19) [New Feature] Add the option for displaying volume in logarithmic scale.
- This option is added in "iMON Manager>Option>System"
(20) [New Feature] Wake up from Screen Saver mode with touching Touch LCD
(21) [New Feature] When Pad remote is selected, assign Up/Down/Left/Right functions with other remote buttons
(22) [New Feature] "YYYY-MM-DD" (ISO 8601) is added to FrontView Date Format option.
(23) [New Feature] Apply Portuguese (Brazil) and Swedish text translated by user (hjunior and ULF)
(24) [Bug Fix] If Command Prompt is launched with MCE keyboard, "Enter" is typed continuously (SG Remote Control Device)
(25) [Bug Fix] Wireless network information is not displayed
(26) [Bug Fix] FrontView can't display the information of MSN mail account
(27) [Bug Fix] Virtual Keyboard doesn't work with arrow button of MCE remote iMON Mini remote
(28) [Bug Fix] Summertime isn't applied in City Information
(29) [Bug Fix] Error Message while editing "Stand By Message" option in Auto Mode tab
(30) [Bug Fix] In Windows 7, MPC-HC, MPC_HC64 were not added automatically via the installed program scan
(31) [Bug Fix] When clicking Feed Up/Down button in News iTOOL, iMON hangs
(32) [Bug Fix] With ODM/OEM LCD, MCE remote doesn't work after reboot or Hibernate
(33) [Bug Fix] In Vista and Windows 7, PotPlayer isn't listed in Task Switcher
(34) [Bug Fix] When Media Center is "Quick Launch", sometime Media Center is not launched with "Quick Launch" button
(35) [Bug Fix] Fix OS information of Windows 7 (Edition info, 64bit info)
(36) [Bug Fix] When click News iTOOL Refresh button, it doesn't try new download
(37) [Bug Fix] "Play/Pause" button on MCE remote doesn't work
(38) [Bug Fix] When Media Centr is launched with "/nochrome" option, the remote doesn't work with TMT3 Plug-in

(01) [SG New Feature] The feature to use iTunes Media Library will be supported
- You can select "iTunes Music Library" in "Settings > Media Library > Internal Library > Library View > Music"
(02) [SG New Feature] Add the feature to play YouTube in Internet Radio (Webcasting)
- "YouTube" menu was newly added in "Webcasting" and "YouTube" setting was added in "Settings > Webcasting"
- You can select Country for YouTube Section and YouTube Search is supported
(03) [New Feature] Add seek bar feature in Control Bar
(04) [New Feature] Add an option to align in File List (Track Number, Title, File Name)
- You can select Track Number, Title or File Name in "Music Menu > File List Alignment"
(05) [New Feature] Support Depth Back during menu navigation
- Left button works as History Back and Back button works as Depth Back
(06) [New Feature] The option for disabling List auto scroll
- You can select it in "Settings > GUI > Detail > List Auto Scroll"
(07) [New Feature] The feature for playing all songs
- When Music, Videos or Pictures is focused in Main menu, if you press "Play" button, all media files will be played
(08) [New Feature] The option for hiding buttons and progress bar more faster in Video Playback page
- You can select it in "Settings > GUI > Detail > Video Progress bar Display Time"
(09) [New Feature] Separate Audio Renderer option for Music and Video
- This option is added in "Settings>Audio/Video>Audio>Detail>Renderer"
(10) [New Feature] Add the option for playing music from the beginning with "Play" button
- "Play Button Action during Playback" option is added in "Settings>Media Play>Music, Videos"
(11) [New Feature] Delete file and folder in the list
- "File Removal" menu is added in Music, Videos and Pictures' "Long Click" Menu
- If you enter from Music, Videos and Pictures' File/Folder list, you can remove the focused file in File/Folder list
(12) [New Feature] Supports "*.aif" file playback
(13) [Bug Fix] DTS pass-through problem on Windows 7
(14) [Bug Fix] If AC3/DTS pass-through enabled, when playing Video file, FrontView can't display EQ
(15) [Bug Fix] When playing m4a files, iMEDIAN HD doesn't play next song.
(16) [Bug Fix] Sometimes Media Library isn't updated automatically
(17) [Bug Fix] When playing mkv files, sometimes white or transparent border is shown on screen
(18) [Bug Fix] When playing ape, flac, mpc, tta files, iMEDIAN HD doesn't enter Play page.

Release date: Feb. 22, 2010

[ iMON Manager ]
(1) [SG New Feature] Multiple iMON hardware connection will be supported
(2) [SG New Feature] Unicode will be supported
(3) [SG New Feature] Language Option will be added in iMON Manager>Option>Language
(4) [New Feature] Enable to close iMON with the message from the external
- If you use Broadcast Message or send defined message to iMON, iMON will be closed. (Message: WM_APP + 0x7001, wParam: 0x8888)
(5) [New Feature] Add an option for always displaying CPU load on FrontView
(6) [New Feature] Russian characters display on VFD will be supported
(7) [New Feature] Menu text in Touch LCD FrontView will support multiple languages
(8) [New Feature] Enable to update while iMON is running
- "Check Update Now" button is added in "iMON Manager>Option>Version/Update"
(9) [Bug Fix] iMON uses 100% of CPU in the system Old iMON HW using SG_iMON, TG_iMON is installed
(10) [Bug Fix] When iMEDIAN HD is not Quick Launch and is running, Quick Launch application can be launched with Quick Launch button on the remote.
(11) [Bug Fix] When Effect sound for Unidentified IR signal is enabled, no effect sound for for Unidentified IR signal.
(12) [Bug Fix] When playing Blu-ray Disc folder with Media Browser or My Movies3 in Media Center, the remote doesn't work properly
- It happens when Media Browser or My Movies3 launches uMCEDVDPlayer.exe (TotalMedia Theater3 Plug-in) for Blu-ray playback
(13) [Bug Fix] Graphical EQ has high sensitivity on high freq. and low in a bass range.
- We will add options for adjusting additional peak weight for each band
(14) [Bug Fix] When iTunes is "Quick Launch", the modification of Program Command is not applied
(15) [Bug Fix] When Media Center is running in Windows7, if volume is "0", it can be changed with the remote
(16) [Bug Fix] FrontView displays media information in System information, City information or News Mode
(17) [Bug Fix] After waking up from sleep mode or AC reset, sometimes MCE remote doesn't work (Need re-launch iMON or change remote setting)
(18) [Bug Fix] LCD Auto Adjust, Auto Color, LCD Reset, Brightness and Contrast functions don't work after 7.78.1125 version update
(19) [Bug Fix] Only English news is displayed on UltraBay/OEM LCD
(20) [Bug Fix] After 7.63.0831 update, the remote doesn't work in some Gigabyte board and Windows 7 64 bit

(1) [SG New Feature] Apply multiple scan intervals while FF, Rewind in Music/Video
- If you keep pressing FF/Rewind button or press quickly, Jump Interval will be increased, (The maximum is 32 times of configured value)
(2) [Bug Fix] When closing iMEDIAN HD, error message is popped up.
(3) [Bug Fix] Audio Renderer setting value is not saved. (When iMEDIAN HD starts, it is changed to the default value.)
(4) [Bug Fix] when closing Filter Manager, error message is popped up.
(5) [Bug Fix] The external HDD connected with USB is not shown in External Media.
(6) [Bug Fix] If the certain codec program like K-Lite codec is installed, iMEDIAN HD fails to start after 7.78.1125 version update
(7) [Bug Fix] Even if Internet Radio Station is deleted in iMON Manager, it is not applied in iMEDIAN HD
(8) [Bug Fix] For some Internet Radio Station, iMEDIAN HD stops playing after about 15 minutes


[ iMON Manager ]
(1) [New Feature] Update iMON setting files (imo file)
- Support MediaPortal, XBMC, Media Player Classic, VLC Player, foobar2000, PotPlayer, GomAudio, AlSong. (Added to "Installed Program Scan")
- Update existing imo file
(2) [Upgrade] FrontView Player for Touch LCD will be replaced with iMEDIAN HD (For only Touch LCD model)
- When select FrontView Player menu, iMEDIAN HD is launched on Touch LCD
- Control iMEDIAN HD with touch
- With Switch button you can move iMEDIAN HD to primary monitor. This button is shown on the left top when iMEDIAN HD is on Touch LCD
(3) [Bug Fix] When playing DVD with TMT3 plug-in in Windows 7 Media Center, DVD Menu button move to Media Center's DVD menu
- We need more check on PowerDVD9 plUg-in for this bug and it will be fixed in the future update.
(4) [Bug Fix] Even if disable system information, iMON uses WMIPRVSE.EXE
(5) [Bug Fix] In Windows7 64bit system, after waking up from sleep mode, WMIPRVSE.EXE and iMON consume about 50% of CPU
(6) [Bug Fix] If only "mail check" is selected, Touch LCD FrontView always displays "0" in system information
(7) [Bug Fix] Touch LCD FrontView always starts with system info page, even if the last page was Picture Frame, Weather, Calendar.
(8) [Bug Fix] With FW version 0xa0, x0a1, "Do Not Process IR" option doesn't work.

(1) [New Feature] The Internet Radio (Webcasting) feature will be supported
- Webcasting menu is added in iMEDIAN HD main page
- You can add or edit internet station in iMON Manager>Option>Webcasting
(2) [New Feature] support A/V Sync. Option
- This setting is added under Video Menu>AV sync and Settings>Media Play>Video>AV Sync
(3) [New Feature] With "Quick Launch" button on the remote move iMEDIAN HD to other monitors
- 1st Monitor (Full Screen ==> window Mode) ==> 2nd Monitor (Full Screen ==> window Mode) ==> 3rd or 1st Monitor
- In Touch LCD, skip window Mode
(4) [Bug Fix] During installation with excluding iMEDIAN HD, some files are copied to C:\ root folder


1. iMON Manager
(1) [Upgrade] Official version for Windows7.
- Added Norwegian, Slovak to iMON/iMEDIAN HD Installation language.
- support PowerDVD9, TotalMedia Theathre 3. (Added to "Installed Program Scan")
- It was fixed that some 3rd party plug-ins for Media Center don't work with the remote.
- It was fixed that Next/Previous doesn't work while playing video in Media Center with the remote.
- It was fixed that iMON always crashes when it starts, after upgrade Windows 7 form Vista.
- Apply DPI setting in display setting. (100%, 125%, 150%, ...)
- Desktop icon and tray icon changed to iMON Indicator image.
- It was fixed that the flickering when adjusting combo box of color depth or frequency in Resolution Changer setting.
- It was fixed that the resolution change does not work with some resolution setting values on Windows7.
- It was fixed that progress bars are blinking while watching TV on iMON OEM LCD and iMON UltraBay.
- Turn on "REC" icon on iMON UltraBay and ODM/OEM LCD while Media Center records TV.
(2) [Bug Fix] Some slidebars in iMON Manager (LCD Contrast, Indicator size,...) don't work.
(3) [New Feature] Windows command to change remote control by assigned button on the remote.
(4) [New Feature] Add function to enable/disable FrontView with remote.

(1) [Bug Fix] When playing MP3 file, screen turns black.
(2) [Bug Fix] Fail to scan some mp3 file encoded with VBR.
(3) [New Feature] Slovak is added to Language setting.
(4) [New Feature] Support ".m4a" file playback
(5) [New Feature] Add PAN & SCAN to Videos’ zoom setting.


1. iMON Manager
(1) [Bug Fix] News logo image disappears in Touch LCD FrontView after displaying media information or Control Page.
(2) [Bug Fix] "More" button on MCE remote can be assigned to other function.
(3) [Bug Fix] Incorrect display of system information on FrontView when over 4GB memory used.
(4) [New Feature] Add "Monday ~ Friday", "Saturday, Sunday" to "Repeat" setting in iMON Manager>iMON Utilities>Timer>Alarm/Turn On/Turn Off.

(1) [Bug Fix] Error occurs when exit iMEDIAN HD during music playback.
(2) [Bug Fix] The wired lines are shown and frame skip occurs when playback DVD in iMEDIAN HD.
(3) [Bug Fix] When back to folder depth, sometimes pre-selected item does not have focus but first item has focus
(4) [New Feature] When pressing "Zoom" button on the remote, the changed aspect ratio will be displayed in Indicator.
(5) [New Feature] The setting for subtitle's vertical position is newly added.
You can change this setting in "Videos' Menu>Subtitle Processing>Position" or "Settings>Media Play>Videos>Subtitle Processing>Position".
(6) [New Feature] Support ".divx" file playback
(7) [New Feature] "Weather" is newly added in main page and you can change the setting for weather in "Settings>Weather".


1. iMON Manager
(1) [Bug Fix] The CPU Load is not displayed under Windows Vista and Windows7.
(2) [Bug Fix] iMON manager doesn't have MCE remote's Zoom/Aspect button in the button drop-down list.
(3) [Bug Fix] After AC reset, MCE remote does not work after start-up. It is needed to select another remote and select MCE remote again.
(4) [Bug Fix] When no news feed is selected, Touch LCD FrontView keeps displaying “Connecting…”.
(5) [Bug Fix] Can not assign the arrow buttons on iMON MINI to other commands
(6) [Bug Fix] Touch LCD FrontView can't be positoned on monitor 3.
(7) [Bug Fix] After waking up from S3/S4, it takes long time for iMON to start to work. And after Keyboard or Mouse action iMON starts to work.
(8) [Bug Fix] On iMON LCD speaker icon does not display correctly (c icon and RL,RR icon when 5.1 channel)
(9) [Bug Fix] It is difficult to increase/decrease volume 1 step with MCE remote, With KNOB volume is changed twice of volume step.
(10) [New Feature] E-mail check in FrontView will support POP3 SSL and IMAP.
(11) [New Feature] Feature to backup and restore settings of iMON and iMEDIAN HD (Backup, Restore buttons are added in iMON Manager)

(1) [New Feature] Support iMEDIAN HD Codec Configuration Utility.
(You can Select "Run Filter Manager" in Settings>Audio/Video>A/V Filter Control or directly run "FilterManager.exe" in iMEDIAN HD installation folder.)


1. iMON Manager
(1) [New Feature] The feature of making dark or turnning off the FrontView during video playback supported.
(2) [New Feature] Add feature to display "Time" without "Date" through FrontView.
(3) [New Feature] Scheduled on/off of FrontView display.
(4) [Bug Fix] Can not assign the arrow buttons on iMON MINI to other commands.

(1) [Bug Fix] The internal SATA HDD is recognized as external HDD in iMEDIAN HD.

Release date: July 02, 2009

1. iMON Manager
(1) [Bug Fix] Music/Videos/Pictures button shortcut
- The Music/Videos/Pictures button on remote can not launch iMEDIAN HD when iMEDIAN HD is not running.
(2) [Bug Fix] Mute
- Mute does not work correctly when Windows Media Center was running on Vista and Windows7.
(3) [Bug Fix] iTunes Media Information
- No iTunes media information displayed when iTunes is launched again.

(1) [Bug Fix] Audio Volume
- Audio volume level is decresed compared to that of previous version (7.40.0806 or before).
(2) [Bug Fix] Subtitle Size
- The subtitile size setting value is not stored correctly.
(3) [Bug Fix] External TV Viewer
- Remote button does not work correctly when using External TV viewer.
(4) [Bug Fix] DVD file on HDD
- DVD menu navigation is not possible when playback DVD file stored in HDD.
(5) [Bug Fix] Media Library
- iMEDIAN HD is terminated abnormally when extracting information of some kinds of cue/wv files during scanning media library.
(6) [Bug Fix] Incorrect "Iidioma" is used in Spanish language setting. Correct it into "Idioma".

Release date: May 22, 2009

(1) [Bug Fix] Multiple Audio Stream supported.
- Can select audio stream via Long-click menu under Video / Audio
- Can toggle audio stream via 'Audio' button on iMON PAD remote.

[VERSION 7.60.0521] (SETUP FILE)
Release date: May 21, 2009

1. iMON Manager
(1) [New Feature] In-Turn Command
- The RC buttons registered in Windows Command / Custom Command / Macro Command can be registered again in Program Command.
- When the RC signal registered in both Program Command and others comes, iMON tries to perform the Program Command first. If there's no condition for Program Command, then performs other command registered in Windows Command / Custom Command / Macro Command.)
(2) [New Feature] Select the RC button by pushing real button on the remote when registering new command.
(3) [Upgrade] Upgrade the Media Engine in the FrontView Player. (Only for 7", 4.3" Touch LCD)
(4) [Bug Fix] Fix the problem with adjusting the Keyboard/Mouse speed settings.
(5) [Bug Fix] Fix the other bugs

(1) [Upgrade] Improve the Media Engine.
- The internal video decoder supports Full HD playback (H.264, AVC1, MPEG2 TS/TP, VC-1)
- The internal video decoder supports DxVA.
- .m2ts format supported
- EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) is used as default video renderer on Vista.
- External decoder supported (Add and select).
(2) [New Feature] Cue file supported
- The track information in .cue file is used for navigation and change track with lossless music files like FLAC, APE, WV
(3) [Bug Fix] Fix the bugs related with Media Library
(4) [Bug Fix] Fix the bugs related with External Media / Network Media
(5) [New Feature] File Manager
- Copy / Move from (or to) external (or internal) storage are supported
* Microsoft Sync Framework is used for this feature and Microsoft Sync Framework v1.0 and Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0 will be installed together during iMON/iMEDIAN HD installation.
(6) [Upgrade] The UI of virtual Keyboard in Search menu improved.
(7) [Upgrade] Setting UI improved.

Revised at Mar 17, 2011

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