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Old 04-20-2012, 12:44 AM
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Default tablets and phones with integrated ir emitters new areas for remote+

I just read in a review of Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus that it includes an IR emitter and software to make it into a universal remote.

I myself use a Ipod touch 4g with a extra hardware ir emitter connected. I have one universal remote app for turning on and controlling my big screen, and for controlling my amplifier, and i use your "remote +" for controlling the htpc.

Because i dont want to switch between apps i tried to learn my universal remote app the commands from your normal imon hardware remote. Sadly i could not teach it everything. It could not learn the navigation part.

If integrated IR emitter becomes more common in tablets and smartphones i think you should consider expanding your "remote +" app to make use of this.
The universal remote app i am using is completely customisable, so i make my own UI. For example, i have on/standby button from the screen remote, but nothing else, i have on/standby button, vol+-, and audio mode toggler from amp remote, nothing else.
I learned it some commands from the Imon remote, like eject. And all these buttons, controlling different hardware, i put together in next to eachother in one and the same UI screen on my ipod touch.
But it would be good with an app that includes this kind of utilization of ir emitters, integrated or peripheral, with the functionality of your remote+

please consider this

(and please bring back and make it optional to use the gui style of imedian hd for the big screen in hd frame software, many people on the forum asks this)

Kind regards

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Old 04-25-2012, 11:50 AM
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Dear orbert,

I really appreciate your interest on our product and sincere suggestions.

FingerVU products have “Wise Receiver” feature. It makes user register the signals with the household remote or other remote control and iMON handles these signals like Pad remote or MCE remote signals. But iMON products don’t have this feature.
And if you want to use navigation with the universal remote, we recommend make it emulate MCE remote and select “MCE remote” in iMON Manager>Settings>Remote Controller.
And about the GUI style of iMEDIAN HD, we’ll internally consider it. But I think it may be difficult to adapt it because there has been no change on our policy for iMEDIAN HD till now.

Johnny Hur
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