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Old 03-14-2012, 11:10 PM
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Default a problem and some questions.

problem: mousepointer can only be visible in hd frame if hd frame is active.

Here is an example of a typical situation where this problem occurs: I have my screen off and launch a song with remote +, which means that hd frame launches. After a while i want to do something on the computer (for example launch firefox and google something) so i turn on the screen and launch the other program. HD frame is in the way so i have to minimize it to be able to see the other program. After HD frame is minimized my mousepointer is invisible on the other program, and it does not help to ""task switch" to it. I have to kill HD frame and with it the music before i can google what i want.
This is just one of the many situations HD frame in an annoying way makes the mousepointer invisible when focused on other applications.

Some questions:
Is there a to do list for HD frame somewhere? Im still waiting for dvd support, blu ray support, black background for showing pictures. And i would love if i could launch .exe files from hd frame, and arrange them in librarys, or that hd frame could work as front end for services like steam and origin, so that i could browse and launch games from a game library in remote+

kind regards
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