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Default Remote+ Pro/Lite/Server Version History

[Remote+ Server 1.30.0316]
Release date:
Remote+ Server: Mar. 16, 2012 (Setup file)

[Remote+ Server/Pro/Lite]
1. [Bug fix] Fix a bug that the icons which is created by users in YouTube+, News+ or "Add shortcut" menu are not arranged in order of creation.
2. [Bug fix] Fix a bug that Remote+ app can not properly seek the music file of .ape format with .cue file.

[Remote+ 1.30.0224]
Release date:
Remote+ Server: Feb. 24, 2012 (Auto update)
Remote+ Pro/Lite for Android: Feb. 24, 2012 (Android Appstore)
Remote+ Pro/Lite for iOS: Not yet released (under development)

[Remote+ Server/Pro/Lite]
1. [Modify Feature] Now Playing UI modification
- Remove Vol-/+/mute buttons and add volume-slider button. This button shows volume slider to control PC system volume easily.
- Remove rewind and fast forward buttons and add seek-slider button. This button shows player seek slider to seek playing position of now playing media easily.

2. [Modify Feature] List View UI modification
- Now, list view uses popup UI instead of built in UI.
- List view has standard navigation bar on top.
- List view supports the options as like "add shortcut", "add to/remove from starred list, add to/remove from playlist and etc. This option can be accessed through the right side option accessory for each list item or button on the right side of navigation bar.
- List view supports detail information of the media. For example, artist and album name and track time for music file.

3. [Add Feature] Shortcut feature on Explorer menu under Music/Videos/Pictures menu
- First depth of Explorer menu changes to Icon view style, in order to support shortcut feature.
- You could make shortcut of folder or media files on first icon view by using List view options.

4. [Add Feature] Playlist supports
- Every menu newly has playlist submenu. You could make playlist and add media files to it by using List view options.

5. [Add Feature] Delete added item
- The user added items in Icon View (such as YouTube+ items / News+ items / Shortcuts) can be deleted by long touch press.
- Long press, then "X" marked icon will be shown on icon view items. Touch on item to delete it.
- Touch other area than "x" marked item makes Remote+ exit the delete mode.

6. [Bug fix] Remote+ Server
- If user changes port number, it is stored and will be reused even at next launching of Remote+ Server.
- Sometimes, ip address is not acquired correctly when Remote+ Server autoruns and fix this bug.

[Remote+ 1.20.0125]
Release date:
Remote+ Server: Jan. 26, 2012 (Auto update, Installation Setup)
Remote+ Pro/Lite for Android: Jan. 26, 2012 (Android Appstore)
Remote+ Pro/Lite for iOS: Feb. 1, 2012 (Apple Appstore)

[Remote+ Server]
1. [Add Feature] Camera Menu Added to Library tab (Requires Remote+ Pro/Lite version 1.20.0125 or Higher.)
- Can Show the photo image stored in iOS device on the TV screen.
- Can take a picture and show it on the TV screen on the fly.

2. [Fix Bug] Bug that App goes to the server selection screen during scrolling in Icon View, List View or bottom menu bar over 5 seconds. (Requires Remote+ Server version 1.20.0125 or Higher)

3. [Fix Bug] Bug that App, Server and HD Frame goes slow after access News related menu.

4. [Fix Bug] Bug that the changes of News/YouTube country setting is not applied directly during HD Frame is running.

5. [Fix Bug] Bug that the application selected by Task Switcher can not go foreground but blink in Taskbar sometimes.

* Remote+ Pro/Lite version 1.20.0125 iOS App is under review of Apple app store and will be available at AppStore within 1~2 weeks.

[Remote+ Server 1.17.1223] (Auto Update Patch)
Release date: Dec. 23, 2011

[Remote+ Server]
1. [Add Feature] Support Android version of Remote+ Pro/Lite app.

[Remote+ Server 1.11.1118] (Auto Update Patch)
Release date: Dec. 1, 2011

[Remote+ Server]
1. [Add Feature] Multiple NICs(network interface cards) support. Remote+ Server waits for/works with Remote+ Pro/Lite which connects through any IP address, even there're multiple network interface cards on the system.

2. [Modified Feature] The Player Setting in Remote+ Pro/Lite's control tab will show the group list(Music/Videos/Pictures/YouTube/News/System) first instead of all expended setting lists, in order to improve accessibility.

3. [Add Feature] Add more setting varaiables to Remote+ Pro/Lite's Player Settings (HD Frame 1.27.1118 or higher required)
- Add "Country" selection setting under YouTube and News setting. This setting will also affect the list of YouTube Category and the list of News Category.
- Add "Audio output channel" setting and "digital audio pass-through" setting under System > Audio Output setting. Now it is possible to make AC3, DTS, EAC3, TrueHD and DTSHD-MA audio pass-through without decoding in order to use your high performance audio receiver system.

[Remote+ Pro/Lite 1.10.1109] (Apple App Store)
Release date: Nov. 17, 2011

[Remote+ Pro/Lite]
1. [Modify Feature] Optimized for iOS 5
2. [Add Feature] Quick Guide added.
3. [Add Feature] Automatic disconnect when the Remote+ Server is abnormally shut down.

[Remote+ Server 1.10.1109] (Auto Update Patch)
Release date: Nov. 10, 2011

[Remote+ Server]
1. [Add Feature] Add more setting varaiables to Remote+ Pro/Lite's Player Settings (HD Frame 1.26.1109 or higher required)
- Music / Shuffle, Repeat added
- Videos / Shuffle, Repeat added
- Pictures / Shuffle, Repeat added
- YouTube / Video Quality, Priority, Zoom, DxVA, Normalizer, Repeat added
- System / Audio Output, TV Selection added
2. [Add Feature] Disconnect Remote+ Pro/Lite connection automatically if Remote+ Pro/Lite abnormally terminated.

[Remote+ Server 1.03.1017] (Auto Update Patch)
Release date: Oct. 18, 2011

[Remote+ Server]
1. [Fix Bug] The bug that the Remote+ Server running on Windows XP was not shown in the server list of Remote+ Pro/Lite app and that the Remote+ Server running on Windows XP could not be connected via manual IP address.
2. [Modified Feature] Modified not to use invalid IP address when Remote+ Server launched. (For example, local host IP address will not be used in Remote+ Server.)
3. [Add Feature] Remote+ Server will automatically restarts with valid IP address if it was not started because of invalid IP address. And it will automatically stop serving when IP address become invalid by changing of network adapter status.

[Remote+ Server 1.01.1010] (Auto Update Patch)
Release date: Oct. 10, 2011

[Remote+ Server]
1. [Fix Bug] Remote control feature under Control tab in Remote+ Pro did not work properly when HD Frame is running on FingerVU screen. Fixed it in this version.

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