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Default New Custom M-ITX HTPC Build

I am starting my HTPC build, since the FingerVU 1016 Wireless Monitor Set became available today 2-11-11 and was able to order it. Let me start with the components I chose. I went with the ASRock E350M1 due to its low power consumption and ability to bitstream DTS-HD/TrueHD via the on board HDMI (ATI 6310HD video chipset) It also has SataIII(6GBs). I was looking at the Core I3 and Sandybridge chipset until I found out there is a problem with displaying at 24p (which the intel recall isn't going to address) I also looked at the Core I3 with the H55 chipset, but the two main problems were power consumption (was 2 times the amount of the ASRock E350M1 Motherboard/CPU) and the price was double. The PicoPsu was the best choice for me due to its efficiency (over 96%), size (about the size of 2 AA batteries), and extremely low heat being generated from it. The other advantage is having the power adapter located outside of the case, allowing for a smaller footprint case. OCZ's Agility 2 60GB Solid State Drive only uses 2 watts of power and it is amazingly fast.

I am custom making the case. I couldn't find a small footprint case that was aesthetically pleasing with the features I wanted. I found a few Full size HTPC cases that had all the features I wanted, but the size was just too large, and way over priced. The case is going to be made of black acrylic and aluminum. I am trying to incorporate the docking station of the 1016w into the case (unattached though). For the front panel I am going to have the custom Aluminum Power and reset buttons, along with the LEDs and IR receiver offset to the left of the front panel. I am going to have the cutout for the blu-ray drive offset to the right, and I am trying to incorporate the FingerVU 1016w docking station in front of it. Since I do not have the dimensions yet for the docking station, I may change it later on. The USB/esata/audio jacks are going to be mounted on the left side panel of the case. Inside the case I am going to be mounting the 2 - 60mm fans above the rear panel with a Y connector to the motherboard. I am going to be using kwik klips inside the case for cable management and allow maximum air flow through the case.The side panels are going to be layered acrylic. I am looking at making aluminum feet with rubber inserts. (I'm not including all the screws nuts a bolts in the parts list until i know exactly how many I'm going to need)

My goal is to have the Rolls Royce of HTPC's not the Ferrari. I can not complete the designs in solidworks until I get the FingerVU 1016 Wireless Monitor set for the dimensions and contours. I have a mechanical engineer assisting me with the design, and a machinist helping me with the fabrication. I wouldn't attempt something of this magnitude on my own without assistance. I want everything to fit seamlessly, and want it to look just as good without the dock in front in case I decide to sell the system. Cause the FingerVU 1016W isn't leaving my side...lol

Case Parts list:
2 Sheets aluminum (for base, front panel,back panel, motherboard tray, and top)(brackets for Optical Drive, and SSD)
2 Black Acrylic sheets (12" x 48") (Layered for sides)
Computer Case Front Panel Wire Kit (Power Switch/LED, Reset Switch/LED)
Multimedia I/O KIT (1-Esata, 2-USB, 1-mic jack, 1-headphone jack)
PicoPSU-150-XT + 102W Adapter (power Supply)
Soundgraph HTPC ODM/OEM Inside (IR Receiver)
FingerVU Wireless Monitor Set (FingerVU 1016W + 1016D + WUD)
2 Evercool Case Fans 6010M12CA (60mmx10mm)
12 Kwik Klips for Internal Cable Management

HTPC Components:
ASRock E350M1 Motherboard/CPU combo
4GB GEIL GVP324GB1600C9HC DDR3 Memory
Samsung 12x Sata Blu-Ray Player
OCZ Agility 2 60GB SataII Solid State Drive

I would like to know your thoughts, suggestions, comments, questions, or changes you would make. All input is welcome.
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Old 07-05-2012, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by eqxav View Post
OCZ Agility 2 60GB SataII Solid State Drive
Never use OCZ! Lots of rejects! Better try any SSD based on Marvel chip - Crucial, Plextor, etc. or at least Intel or Kingston. Then, why SATA II? It's much slower than SATA 6Gbps

P.S. Sorry for necroposting
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